Sports Vision Eye Care

If you're an athlete or someone that loves to spend time exercising outdoors and with other team members, you might feel as if nothing can stop you from performing your best, so long as your physical health remains in order. However, issues impacting your eye health and also vision disorders can cause you to perform at a sub-optimal level.

In order to treat your eye health and to help ensure you're giving your best performance out on the field, get the help of an optometrist on our optometry team who can conduct sports vision care. An eye doctor at Blue Ridge Vision is here to help community members of Blue Ridge, GA, see clearly, experience the best vision out on the field, and prevent them from being injured out on the field during sports or exercise activities. Our optometry team is here to help.

Sports Vision

What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision care can help you see clearly out on the field and improve your vision, which can translate to better performance as an athlete. It focuses on helping you see clearly and giving you the right tools to succeed out on the field.

Sports vision can consist of eye exams, which can help determine if you have a vision disorder or eye disease causing you to experience blurry vision and impacting your ability to play sports.

Sports vision can also consist of giving you tools to help play out on the field, such as wrap-around eyeglasses, sunglasses that protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, and contact lenses as well to protect your eyes during sports.

How Does Care From an Eye Doctor Help?

An eye doctor on our optometry team that provides sports vision care can determine what tools are right for you to help improve your performance on the field. They will conduct a full eye exam to determine if you're suffering from any vision disorders, and prescribe you with the best set of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses to protect your eyes and improve your vision.

An eye doctor at our optometry practice can also help treat injuries due to sports, such as accidental bruising, corneal abrasions, and dry eyes that can affect your ability to see outdoors.

Get Sports Vision Care from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If you want help to perform your best and lead yourself or your team to victory, call us at (706) 946-4455 for Blue Ridge Vision serving Blue Ridge, GA, to schedule an appointment for our sports vision services from an optometrist on our optometry team.


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