Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams in Blue Ridge, GA

Routine eye exams are not the same as contact lens exams. Those wishing to get contact lenses will need to undergo a contact lens exam. Our optical services team at Blue Ridge Vision in Blue Ridge, GA, understands the need to ensure contact lenses fit properly so eyes are not by standard wear. 


Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams from an optometrist are required in addition to routine comprehensive eye exams before a prescription for contact lenses can be obtained. During this exam, our eye doctor performs a series of special tests to evaluate your vision and if your eyes are suitable for contact lens use. Special tests include measuring your eye’s surface and a tear film evaluation. These tests help determine the size contacts needed and if your eye produces enough tears to comfortably support the use of contacts. 

Optician Visit

After you have had a contact lens exam from our optometrist, you will be given a prescription. Our optician can help you fill the prescription and order you your new contact lenses. Our optician may also offer additional information to help you maintain good eye care when wearing contact lenses. 

Types of Contact Lenses

Once you have your prescription, our optician will help you with various optical services, including helping you find the right type of contact lenses for your needs. There are many different kinds of contact lenses available today, but not all contact lenses are right for all eyes.

Soft Contact Lens

Soft contact lenses are the standard today, as they are often more comfortable. Additionally, soft contacts provide more breathability than other lenses and come with many options, including disposable and extended wear. Speak with our optical services specialist to learn more about soft contact lens options and which is best for your vision and eye care needs.

Hard Contact Lens

Hard contact lenses are not very flexible and maintain their shape when worn. Those who wear hard contact lenses need to take care of their lenses as well, as they are not disposable like a soft contact lens are. In addition, these lenses can become scratched, so they need to be handled with a bit of extra care. 

Other Contact Lens Options

Other contact lens options include: 

  • Disposable: These contacts are designed to be disposable and are generally only useable once. 
  • Extended wear: These contacts can be worn for longer periods, sometimes for a couple of days.
  • Colored: These contacts change the appearance of your eye color. 
  • Multifocal: These contact lenses work similarly to how bifocal glasses do. 

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